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Marcus Alvarez

Deacon Candidate 

“If you Kept iniquities, Oh Yah, 
Oh Lord, who could stand? 
But with you there is forgiveness 
That you may be feared.
I hope for Yahweh, my soul does hope, 
And for his word I do wait.” 

Psalm 130:3-5

I was raised in a loving but non-christian home and it wasn’t until I attended Westmont College that the Lord drew me to himself, despite my obstinance, through faithful believers who shared the Gospel with me. He has been patient with me and daily renews my strength to love him, his people and those who are yet to be his people. I am thankful for the opportunity to care for his beloved bride here at Christ Church Carpinteria.

I am blessed to live 5 minutes away from our church with my precious wife Emily and our dog Ollie. 

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