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Jody Ruble

Deacon Candidate 

I came to know Christ shortly after graduating from Fresno State University and am blessed to have had faithful men give themselves to helping me grow in grace. My lovely wife, Susan, and I have been married 32 years. We are transplants to the coastlands from the central valley of California where we raised our three grown children. I am a professional educator.

If the Rubles as a family are marked by anything it is that we love Jesus Christ and His church.  We planted churches in the central valley and will work to see Christ Church Carpinteria grow, be sanctified, strengthened in the inner man, equipped for the work of the ministry.  I will use my gifts to build up the church and see her transformed by the renewing of her mind, prepared for proving the will of God in our world.

Susan and I enjoy traveling and being with and blessing the people of God.

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